Daily Carvery
The Jolly Drovers Daily Carvery is available Friday to Sunday...
With your choice of turkey, gammon & beef (& pork loin on a Sunday View Menu) carved by our amazing carvery chefs and all the delicious vegetables you can imagine...
Roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, baby new potatoes, carrots, peas, swede, cabbage, cauliflower cheese, green beans, sprouts and parsnips! And who could forget the stuffing balls and delicious Yorkshire puddings and mouthwatering meat pan gravy.
Carvery will be available...
Friday & Saturday 12pm to 2pm & 5pm to 8pm
Sunday 12pm to 7pm (View Sunday Lunch Menu)
* Carvery £10.95 - King Size £12.45 - Kids £6.95
We put our customers safety first so you will be told by your server when it is safe to head down the carvery, you will also be given a disc to indicate carvery size to our chefs. Face coverings must be worn when visiting our carvery and our chefs will serve your meals exactly as you want them and then a member of staff will bring your meal to the table.
Carvery takeouts will also be available served by our amazing chefs. They are presented in the best way to give you the experience of the carvery in the comfort of your own home. With a foil container containing your meat choice, parsnips, roasties and Yorkshire pudding and another filled with the veg of your choice, we also serve you a separate tub of gravy to keep your meal as fresh as possible.
Our carvery will be back to self service as soon as the government restrictions have lifted.